Floyd County Cost of Living Ranks Very Affordable

FLOYD COUNTY, TX – Residents of Floyd or Hale counties would find it much more expensive to live in almost any other part of the state, according to a new report released by doxo. On average, $1,796 per month is spent on household bills (ten different categories that include utilities, auto loans, cable bills, but not food).

In their “2022 State by State Bill Pay Market report”, researchers found that Texas is the 20th most expensive state for household bills, with residents spending an average of $1,956 per month on the ten most common household bills. Nationally, the average is 2.3 percent higher ($2,003). The most expensive state to live in is Hawaii ($2,911), where residents invest 44 percent of their earnings on household bills while the least expensive is West Virginia at $1,452.

In comparison to the statewide averages, Floyd and Hale county residents spend less on almost every category, with the exception of auto payments, the cost of cable/satellite, and the price paid for mobile phone service. The increased prices of those three categories pale in comparison to the savings in rent and mortgage payments, which average about half the price other Americans are spending. The most expensive place to live in Texas is Southlake ($3,655) while the most affordable, Mercedes ($1,104), costs just 30 percent of the Dallas suburb.

In the West Texas region, Odessa is the most expensive place to live ($2,018) and Abilene is the best value ($1,552). Other cities include Midland ($2,008), Lubbock ($1,954), San Angelo ($1,812), Amarillo ($1,742) and Wichita Falls ($1,658).

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