Republican-Led Farm Bill Goal: 400% Improvement in Productivity

FCR Photo

WASHINGTON, DC – What could producers expect from a Republican-led Farm Bill in 2023? If given the opportunity, Rep. G.T. Thompson (PA-15) would set an agenda to achieve a 400 percent improvement in productivity (up from today’s 279 percent) by 2030.

“My goal would be to incorporate science, technology, and innovation as a component to each of the 11 titles of the Farm Bill,” says Thompson, the ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, while explaining productivity on American farms has come off impressive rates, as of late, due mostly to bad decisions “by the administration.”

If you can find it, fertilizer is up over 300 percent this year; rates for diesel and fertilizer have skyrocketed, and the lack of availability of crop protection tools are all self-inflicted wounds, he adds.

The Committee will begin writing the next farm bill in early 2023.
(SOURCE: All Ag News)

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