Yesterday’s 40-Hour Workweek Morphing Into Tomorrow’s 32-Hour Workweek

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg in known as the "Bowtie Economist" and spoke recently at the ABA Ag Bankers Conference in Omaha, NE (Photo Courtesy of All Ag News)

AVENTURA, FL – In 1965, the average workweek for production and nonsupervisory workers was 38.6 hours, close to the mythical 40-hour workweek.

It’s declined ever since; we are wealthier, says Dr. Elliot Eisenberg, the “Bowtie Economist.”

In 1975 it was 36 hours; in 1985, it fell to 34.9; in 1995, 34.3, and by 2005 33.8 hours/week!

It has since leveled off and, in 2022, was 34 hours/week.

We are moving to a 32-hour workweek, probably composed of four 8-hour days.

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