More Than Disruptions, Agriculture Facing Supply Chain Crisis

Aubrey Bettencourt with the Almond Alliance speaks at World Ag Expo 2022 (AllAgNews)

TULARE, CA – Many Americans have heard about supply-chain bottlenecks or disruptions. Unfortunately, the national news seems to have forgotten about the issue Aubrey Bettencourt President/CEO at the Almond Alliance told a crowd last week at World Ag Expo.

Speaking on Ports, Trade, and Global Disruptions, she explained that the inability to export almonds is about to become another black-swan event for the agriculture industry.

“We have supply; there’s just a kink in the chain,” she explained while using the almond industry as an example. The 2020 crop was long, which isn’t usually an issue, but now the 2021 crop is in storage and is being brokered. “So 2021’s crop is sitting here in the United States – bought and paid for – but the cash has not been received,” which is causing a cash flow issue. That means the grower hasn’t received the funds to cashflow their 2022 crop. It’s sold, but the kink in the chain is that the crop cannot be delivered.

What’s the solution? Bettencourt says it’s time to start acting like America. It’s time for states and the federal government to address the challenges head-on instead of simply applying bandages to the wound.

She also suggests that the agriculture industry start telling the story loud and clear. When the public realizes what’s happening, they’ll understand and support the changes that are needed.
(SOURCE: All Ag News)

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