FBC Floydada donates bottle cap bench to A.B. Duncan

The Buddy Bench to be donated to A.B. Duncan Elementary from FBC - Floydada (courtesy photo)

FLOYDADA – Many times when we try to recycle we rarely see the fruit of our labor or a tangible outcome. For students at A.B. Duncan however, they’ll see firsthand what can be done with 250 pounds of recycled plastic bottle caps.

Ludustia Prisk shows off the new recycled Buddy Bench to be transported from Evansville, IN to Floydada, TX (courtesy photo)

The “Buddy Bench” is a project of the First Baptist Church’s Children’s Ministry, and is the culmination of months of gathering and sorting plastic bottle caps to be delivered to a facility in Evansville, IN to make the transformation from trash to treasure.

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250 pounds of plastic bottle caps make the trip to a recycling center in Indiana (courtesy photo)
Future students at A.B. Duncan Elementary on the new Buddy Bench (courtesy photo)









According to Ludustia Prisk, Director of Children’s Ministry at FBC – Floydada, almost all of the caps collected were usable and since approximately 250 caps equal one pound, this donation is the result of more than 62,000 plastic caps.

Officially, the Buddy Bench will be presented to the Elementary school Thursday afternoon at 2:30 pm.


Jon Jones of Floydada tests the “Buddy Bench” that FBC – Floydada will donate to A.B. Duncan Elementary School (photo FCR)

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