Floyd County Record’s Player Spotlight: Iann Rodriguez


LOCKNEY, TX – The Floyd County Record continues to spotlight the athletes that represent our communities, including Lockney’s senior Iann Rodriguez.

Iann plays as a fullback and defensive end for the Longhorns.


What are some things that you worked on in the offseason that you think will help contribute to the success of the team?

I have been working at doing well at keeping blocks for my running back, being able to set a perfect block, and I really worked on that during the summer, and it got me pretty far this year in being able to block the right person.

What are some of your favorite things about football?

I love the rush that football gives you on the field with eleven men who are your friends, and you just have fun. You can hurt someone and not get in trouble for it.

What side of the ball do you enjoy, and who is someone that you try to model your game after?

Offense is my favorite side of the ball because I enjoy setting my teammates up for success.

I like Mike Alstott. He was a fullback, and that set the tone for me when I watched him play. He was really ruthless; he blocked, ran the ball, and got low when running with the ball. He was just a bull rusher who played with that aggressiveness.

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