Early Voting Begins Today for Statewide Proposition 1


A cotton field prior to harvest in Floyd County, Texas (FCR Photo)

FLOYD COUNTY, TX – A generational opportunity to support Texas farm and ranch families is on the statewide ballot.

Farming and ranching are more difficult as our state grows. Texas is expected to grow by another 13 million people over the next 20 years.

Proposition 1 is a constitutional amendment that protects family farms and ranches from unjustified regulations that affect their ability to sustain food and fiber production for our state’s rapidly expanding population.

Only responsible, normal day-to-day agricultural practices are protected by the amendment, not practices utilized by bad actors.

Proposition 1 protects family farmers and ranchers from the political agenda of activist groups that want to prohibit or dictate farm and ranch practices because they want to change our food choices and how we eat.

97% of our farms and ranches are family operations. Proposition 1 protects ALL farmers and ranchers. Large and small.

Proposition 1:

  • allows regulation of agricultural practices to protect the public from a REAL threat to health and safety
  • to protect animals from disease and prevent animal cruelty
  • to protect crop production from diseases or pests and
  • to protect the state’s natural resources, which includes environmental regulations.
    (submitted by Texas Farm Bureau)

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