Serrato Sisters First to Receive “Small BIG” Grant


The Serrato Sisters venue, on Main Street in Floydada, opened in 2022 (FCR photo)

FLOYDADA, TX – With the calendar turning to a new year, the Floydada Economic Development Corporation has officially revamped its grant program for local businesses. The formerly nine-page request established in 2002 has been boiled down to two pages of pertinent information required by the EDC’s seven-member board.

The program, once known as the Incentive and Assistance Grant, is now known as the Small Business Improvement Grant. “I talked with multiple EDC directors across the state in coming up with a streamlined plan, and I loved the humor in calling it the ‘Small BIG,'” FEDC director Ryan Crowe said in describing the change.

Guidelines for the program remain the same, with businesses awarded a 20-percent reimbursement of their total project, up to $5,000, with proper receipts. Larger projects can qualify for up to $10,000 with board approval. According to state law, anything higher than that amount must be approved by the Floydada City Council.

The Serrato Sisters presented their plan Thursday morning for further upgrades to their event venue along South Main Street. The venue opened in 2022 inside the old Oden Chevrolet parts building and quickly became a community gathering spot. Yuleida Serrato presented a multi-page plan to turn an old window tinting space into a ‘bridal suite’ area. The project will also include upgrading a commercial kitchen in the venue’s rear.

“The Serratos are working hard to improve the community, and they are the future of Floydada. We want to help them reach their vision for the town as much as we can,” Crowe explained.

To learn more about the Floydada Economic Development Corporation or to download a copy of the ‘Small BIG’ application, visit or contact the EDC at (806) 983-4405.

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